Bangle Bracelet with Heart Shape Pendants in Silver

Our designers wanted to give you a way to put lots of names in one place, and here it is: Our Bangle Bracelet with Heart Shape Pendants in Silver!

This gorgeous piece features open heart charms, all engraved with the name or word of your choice.

Add a single heart, or choose as many as twelve to make this piece stand out! 

  • 1-8 heart charms
  • 1 inscription per heart (add up to 12 letters)
  • Smooth, slim bracelet
  • Clasp for secure wear

This bracelet is perfect for celebrating your love, your family members, or your circle of friends. Worn all by itself or alongside other favorites, this one of a kind piece is a gorgeous reminder of what truly matters.

"Positivity, Creativity, & Community In Every Order."- Jennifer, Customfam.